ADH - Environmental responsibility.


We take environmental issues seriously at ADH.

Pollution prevention, Waste minimisation, Energy conservation and recycling play key roles in the day to day operations.

Vehicle maintenance, repairs, servicing and MOT testing maybe our main business but we pride ourselves on being responsible for our emissions.




Carbon footprint


Emissions, repair, servicing and of course our MOT test station play a key role in society. Every owned vehicle we keep on the road is one less being manufactured.


Our emissions check ensures your vehicle is compliant and efficient.


Our 'switch it off when not in use' policy ensures we don't waste energy and we keep our costs down.

Recycling waste fluids is another way we utilise our waste recovery options.

We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure a clean and safe working environment. Looking after our property and our equipment makes good finicial sense and ensures we keep our cost's down. 

Our common sense approach ensures we prevent spills to water courses.

Our recycling attitude, ensures, metals, batteries, waste fluids do not become a landfill object.

We are proud of our performance, it is good for our business and for the planet.


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