Birmingham clean air zoneIf your vehicle is subject to charge, contact us at ADH Automotive, we maybe able to help with the charge.

Birmingham's Clean air zone comes into force from June 2021. Is your car exempt from the charge?

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Diagnostics & fault finding

Do you have a warning light or service indicator lit up on your car dashboard?

Don't ignore it, get it checked out. If you have a service light on and your car has recently been serviced then a simple reset is all you need. Warning lights, are exactly what they say. It can be foolhardy and expensive to ignore them. Whatever your issue is we can help you without computer diagnostic software.

ADH invest in the latest vehicle diagnostic software. Whether it be engine, ABS, Airbag or any other fault if there is a light on we can usually Diagnose and rectify the fault.

Our diagnostic software is comprehensive and updated regularly to ensure ADH is ahead of the competition and is able to serve our customers' requirements.

Warning lights on your dashboard are there for a reason. It can be very costly to ignore them. Call us today and see what we can do for you.

Sometimes, just resetting warning lights is as good as ignoring possible serious failure of a component. With a simple call we can, at the very least, inform you of possible issues.

With many years in the motor trade, we have carried out many expensive repairs that could have been avoided for little cost. Don't let yourself become another statistic.


Why choose ADH for Computer diagnostics?

Our software is updated regularly. The only difference between us and dealerships, is quite simply, The price tag. We offer a fantastic, friendly and helpful service for your car or van at a great price. Don't throw your hard earned money at expensive dealerships, let us save you pounds and take care of your car.

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