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Birmingham clean air zoneIf your vehicle is subject to charge, contact us at ADH Automotive, we maybe able to help with the charge.

Birmingham's Clean air zone comes into force from June 2021. Is your car exempt from the charge?

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Car Tyres, budget & branded

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Car tyres

Tyre repairs and replacements. tyre

Free tyre & pressure check
Free wheel alignment *Terms apply
Budget and branded tyres.
Repair or replace
Tyre balancing
Wheel alignment using laser technology


Unsure about the condition of your tyres?
We will carry out a free no obligation check of all your tyres including tyre pressures. Should you require any tyres we can price a tyre to suit most budgets and most cars and vans.
* We also offer free wheel alignment when you purchase 4 tyres from us.

Your tyres are the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface, so why neglect them? After all you have an obligation to take care of yourself and your passengers.

Our garage in Birmingham offer a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets whether car or commercial vehicles. If your tyres have worn unevenly or prematurely we can advise you on the best way to rectify the problem in order to maximise the life of your tyres which in turn can improve stability and fuel economy.

We use a four wheel laser tracking which makes sure all four wheels are perfectly aligned and true which in turn should prevent early wearout.

call us or use our contact page today, we will be happy to supply you with a quote. Please note, you will need to provide your tyre size for correct pricing.